Bouncing Back From An Injury  

Someone once said, “The only thing that is constant is change,” and I couldn’t agree more. Life is definitely unpredictable and this is the case no matter how much you plan or prepare. Sometimes, one of the curveballs that life throws at us can be in the form of an injury. As human beings, we tend to be very active especially since the majority of us have to work, drive and even most of our leisure activities require lots of movement. Well, with all of this activity, there is a chance that we can end up getting hurt. In most cases, a simple slip or fall is something that we can just dust ourselves off and get right back up and move on. However, there are other times when a fall or an accident can result in serious injury.

Whenever the body has undergone a serious injury, oftentimes there will be a need for assistance in regaining full mobility or strength in that injured part of the body. This is done through special exercises that are performed with the help and instruction of a physical therapist either at a facility or inside your home. The type of exercises you will be instructed to perform will largely depend on the type of injury that you sustained and in what part of your body it is in. If you are in Missouri and have suffered a terrible injury, search for a physical therapy springfield mo to find a list of professionals near you.

After I was injured in a slip and fall at work, my doctor recommended I do physical therapy to help with the healing and mobility of my wrist. I must say, when I first began my therapy sessions, I wasn’t too happy about it. Since my wrist was still sort of stiff after having come out of a cast, having to do the rotations and stretches that my physical therapist performed were quite painful at first. But as time went on, not only did the movements become easier, in no time my wrist was back to its pre-injury self.

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One thing I’ve learned about the body is that it will definitely heal itself, however, sometimes it needs a little help getting its full potential back. That is probably because as modern human beings, we do a lot of things to and with our bodies that we are really made to do but yet we do them anyway. For instance, running is something that we are made to do naturally so if we take a fall during a run, we can just dust ourselves off. However, running top speed on a football field and then having another person who is also running top speed crash into you with their helmet is not.

Sure we could all not do a lot of the things we do in life that have risk involved but what fun would that be? Life is made to be lived and sometimes that living can come at a price. For me though, enjoying my life to the fullest is simply a risk I am willing to take.