Get Rid Of All Addictions In Drug Rehabilitation In Orange County

Are you badly addicted to drugs or similar items? Is your addiction becoming deadly for your health? It is high time for you to connect with Light house treatment centre is one of the leading rehabilitation centres in Orange County who are dedicated to provide you and your beloved people with the best opportunity of healing from all the harms caused by the addiction they have.

Addictions and its side effects:

Addiction is an intangible disease in human beings that shows itself in various forms like that of extreme fear, stress, emotional outbursts, feelings like that of hopelessness and traumas that ultimately leads the addict into depression. Your body gets hurt in different forms but addiction is something that is hard to let go even if you understand it is high time to quit.


What do you understand by a drug rehabilitation centre?


Drug rehabilitation centres are clinical centres that are there to provide a drug addict with a complete set up for treatment starting from detoxification to the aftercare of the treatment. The prime job of drug rehabilitation centre to provide the patient with a scientific way out to comfort him and care in trauma cases and provide the person with a normal life again. The main agenda is to put end to the use of drug and provide psychiatric support such that the person can easily get back to a clean lifestyle.


Services of Drug Rehabs:

Drug rehabilitation centres come in the scenario when you are yourself not capable for forgoing your addiction and get back to your normal life. The rehabs bring to you the biggest opportunity of reinventing yourself and begin a life afresh. Lighthouse Treatment Centre has successfully saved more than 20000 people’s life from the hands of drug addiction. Services that you get in the rehabilitation centres –

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  • 24X7 services of nurses who are there to provide safety, care for the patients and give medical attentions.
  • A proper evaluation by the psychiatrist takes place in a time of 24 hours post admission at the rehab centre. Post this, the doctors provide the patients with the requisite detox medicines.
  • The detox medicines that are prescribed during the period of withdrawal are very comforting in nature.
  • Common substances that are treated here in the rehabilitation centres are Heroin, Alcohol, Meth, cocaine, Opiates, Benzos, dissociative and sedatives.
  • This is something more than the hospitals. In fact rehabs form the transition phase while moving into a clean lifestyle.
  • Rehabilitation is always assisted with therapies occurring in residential areas which are provided with medical assistance of nurses.
  • The process of detoxification is always taken forward under supervision of a medical attendant.
  • In fact, the medical attention is continued in many cases post the detoxification treatment.
  • Other than the therapies used in the rehabs, the patients are also assisted with Yoga, leading to painless cognitive and physical stimulation.
  • Apart from detoxification they centre for fitness to exert your spirit, body revitalization. This helps in release of endorphin.
  • The rehabs are provided with specially trained chefs who are there to prepare a balanced diet necessary for proper treatment.
  • The newest form of treatment that helps in mental refreshment experiential therapeutic process. This includes activities like climbing a rock, skydiving in enclosed area etc.
  • Art development is always helpfuland recreational for every human.
  • The final and important thing provided in rehabs is meditation. It is there for stress releasing purpose.
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